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Q). How can I search for multiple UPCs at once?
A). Select the “Search Multiple UPCs” option located under the Search box in the upper right hand corner. Once selected, a text box will appear that allows you to type or upload a list of multiple UPCs. UPCs must be entered as 10 or 11 digits, or the last 5 digits on the 10 or 11 digit UPC, in order to return the results for the search. Results page should display results for only those UPCs included in the list.

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Q). How do I download multiple UPCs at once??
A). From the search results page, you can select UPCs by checking or unchecking the boxes for the product results displayed. Once you have selected those you would like to include, select the download option from upper right hand of the page. Results will be displayed in a pdf.

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