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Thixomolding vs. Diecasting

Thixomolding produces fully-dense magnesium parts, similar to die casting, using an injection molding press. Thixomolding differs from die-casting in several important ways:

  • Thixomolding offers a greater level of detail in finished parts, including thinner walls.
  • Thixomolding offers a cost-effective, efficient means of producing limited run production parts up to 5,000 units.
  • Thixomolding offers fast turnarounds, typically within three weeks from order to delivery.

Thixomolding Magnesium

In thixomolding, chipped magnesium is heated and worked into a thixotropic, or gel-like, state by a reciprocating screw. The magnesium is then force into a steel mold at a very high speed under intense pressure.

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Proto Labs offers more detailed information about thixomolding on its website, including process details, design guidelines and FAQs.

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